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I began my musical journey writing for dance, theatre and nature films. This included co-writing the music for David and Carol Hughes award winning National Geographic specials. I have led singing workshops for many years and am Musical Director for Luminos Choir in Poole.

 Working in the community is really important to me. Over the years I have taken vocal workshops into hospitals, prisons, community centres… always amazed at the transformation that music brings. I have recently worked with people suffering from dementia, and really enjoyed seeing the benefit that songs bring to their lives. For several years I was a freelance animateur for Bournemouth Symphony Orchestras education department, which included forming The Freedance Choir for the BSO's 'Chalk Legends' project, to mark the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad in Dorset.

In 2008 I was commissioned to write  'The Calling' which  was performed by Somerset County Youth  Choir (500 of them!) at the Albert Hall Youth proms. I've lived in Dorset for many years and been inspired by the beautiful landscape,  writing the music for the award winning photographer Ben Osbornes 'Jurassic Journey'. In 2010 I wrote vocal arrangements and performed on P J Harveys Mercury Award winning album 'Let England Shake'.

As part of the 70th anniversary of D Day in 2014, I was commissioned to write 'Sous Les Pommiers' for children from  schools in Portsmouth and Caen, Normandy, accompanied by musicians from l'Orchestre Regional de Basse-Normandie and Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, creating the lyrics from testimonies of that time.

"Both choirs sang their hearts out and the standing ovations at the end of both concerts really showed how much the audience had joined us on what was a truly memorable and very magical musical journey. At the end of the concert one of the senior representatives of Caen City Council told me she had seen a mother in tears. She spoke to her and the mother explained that they were tears of joy - she had always worried for the future of her son - but now her child was singing in the Hotel de Ville in such a memorable and touching project - now she knew he was set up for life and she need no longer worry for him."                            
                                                                                                      Andy Baker  double bass